Lead Your Company to Higher Profits and Market Value

STRENGTHEN YOUR LEADERSHIP, BE THE HERO – You’ll have more insight, power, and control over cost drivers. Save a minimum of $1,000 per employee per year. Be the hero who improves market value, creates more jobs, saves jobs, expands benefits, improves employee loyalty, and leap past your competitors by improving market value and having more money for expansion.

PROVEN RESULTS – Our promise is to make you the hero by showing you how to lower your costs and increase profits with no upfront expenses.  There’s no risk to you. If we don’t produce the results you want, there’s no fee.

SIMPLE PROCESS – We analyze your invoices, show you the best refund and savings opportunities, then activate the ones you approve. Our process is built around making you the hero. 

Our overhead cost experts and tax credit specialists help you be the hero by increasing profits and market value up to 10%. If you lead a company of a hundred or more employees, expect to save hundreds of thousands.

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The DCI Assurance

Business owners and CEOs need risk-free, well-proven, intelligent solutions that leverage their time for dramatically more cash flow and market value.

EASY –You have no easier-to-use resource than DCI Solutions for maximizing the best overhead and tax credit opportunities now dormant in your company.

VALUE / GROWTH – Use the large savings to increase value, fuel growth, save jobs, and better lead your company.

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Tax Credits

You’re probably eligible for tax savings that are not fully detected or understood by most financial professionals. Some may be recovered retroactively and others are time sensitive. DCI has the expertise to maximize all the tax credits you qualify for just for doing what you’re already doing!

Cost Savings

What makes DCI unique is the comprehensive breadth of cost centers we cover and the depth of savings we uncover. Our team of individual specialists in various cost and tax use their cost specific knowledge to identify the largest savings and refunds available to you.

Experience Pays

Since 1999, DCI has provided specialty tax credits and cost savings to companies of all sizes. The DCI team, with its Big 4 and deep industry experience knows how and where to find significant savings without requiring changes to your process or vendor selection.

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Last Chance for Cal Competes Tax Credits?

The final window for the 2017-18 fiscal year, and possibly the program, is now open, but it closes March 26th The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit designed to incentivize companies to grow quality jobs and invest in projects and real estate in California. It began in 2013 and unless the current law […]

Helping businesses just like yours.


Minimum Savings

Per Employee

Per Year


Increase to Annual

Bottom Line



Total days

of executive time

(8-10 Hrs.)

We’ll find you money in any or all of these cost centers:


Why Choose Us?

Unrivaled Experience

Since 1999 our team of experts has been uncovering and maximizing significant refunds, credits, and discounts that had gone undetected for years by our clients.


When you work with DCI it becomes abundantly clear that we love what we do! We are passionate about getting you results beyond your expectations!


World-class consultants highly committed to using best practices and pricing to protect your interests and maximize your bottom-line profits.

Success Stories

Here are a few of the savings we have brought to our clients

Large Hotel With Multiple Meters Cuts Utility Rates by 27%
Utility companies assign rate schedules to their commercial and industrial users even when the assigned rate is not the best possible rate for the energy user to be on.  One hotel group asked DCI to identify savings opportunities including utility rates for a large Arizona resort they owned. By identifying the rates best suited to each meter’s load profile, DCI was able to reduce utility rates by 27%.  DCI subsequently identified additional savings by correcting inefficiencies in the pumps, motors, and lights of the hotels owned by the hotel group.

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Medical Device Manufacturer in Dallas Cuts LTL Freight Expense 40%
A maker of medical supplies was spending over $100,000 on ocean freight and inbound LTL freight. They wanted a savings on rates and they wanted to continue using Expeditors International as their ocean freight forwarder and Fed Ex Freight and UPS Freight as their LTL carriers. Eight weeks after engaging DCI, their LTL rates dropped by 40% with no change to their freight delivery process.

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Property Owner Gains $20,358.24 In Direct Assessment Refunds
Although many of his commercial properties were being assessed correctly, one property owner had three locations in Los Angeles County with incorrect assessments. The owner had little understanding of how to audit and appeal the errors which were hidden inside his property tax bills. During a comprehensive audit, DCI discovered refundable errors in his assessment that amounted to a refund of $20,358.24 directly back to his bottom line.

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Reduce Bank Fees by 75% or More.
Some banks have over 120 specific lines that can be included in a summary statement. Knowing which are accurate and which are less than competitive is time-consuming and requires deep industry knowledge and expertise. DCI was able to bring one company with a 2MM bank balance, a 75% reduction in fees that resulted in just under $32,000 savings per year. In another example, DCI’s comprehensive analysis brought a company with a $1.3MM balance a 100% reduction in fees which resulted in approximately $10,000 per year in savings, all without a change in banks or service levels.

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For specialized tax credits and cost savings, you can trust DCI Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee we will save money?

98% of the time we can create an annual savings that is equal to headcount multiplied by $1,000. We can guarantee that the money we DO save you will be very worth your time.

Can we do what DCI does ourselves?

Although your company may have extremely capable people there are specific tools and specialized “10,000 hour” skills employed by DCI that are not widely known nor easily accessed including: specialized tax credits, extensive databases of best-in-class pricing, tariff analysis, audit software, knowledge of unpublished discounts, and the deep understanding of all the negotiating protocols necessary to obtain best pricing. Our work is so specialized and unique that we have never seen our practices duplicated by any company’s in-house staff. This is the reason we can add significant value without risk.

How much can we save?

Expect to save a minimum of $1,000/ee/year and increase your profit by as much as 10%.

What size businesses do you work with?

DCI’s best work is done for mid-size companies led by forward-thinking, growth-minded executives who welcome a collaboration with committed experts like DCI. Companies of any size who are willing to discover what “they didn’t know that they didn’t know” will benefit from our service.

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