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Our team of Specialty Tax and Cost Reduction experts bring decades of industry expertise to driving costs down, finding you tax refunds, credits and abatements, and delivering these savings, credits and refunds quickly to your bottom line with minimal disruption and no change of vendors or processes.


On The Wrong Utility Rate?

Many times being on the wrong utility rate will needlessly increase your energy costs. DCI helps companies keep utility expenses down through an analysis of utility rate schedules.


Here’s how DCI helped one client:

Large Hotel With Multiple Meters Cuts Utility Rates by 27%

Utility companies assign rate schedules to their commercial and industrial users even when the assigned rate is not the best possible rate for the energy user to be on.  One hotel group asked DCI to identify savings opportunities including utility rates for a large Arizona resort they owned.  By identifying the rates best suited to each meter’s load profile, DCI was able to reduce utility rates by 27%.  DCI subsequently identified additional savings by correcting inefficiencies in the pumps, motors, and lights of the hotels owned by the hotel group.


Cut LTL Freight Expense.

In a DCI freight analysis, we reverse engineer your freight rates to show you what your 3PL and LTL freight providers don’t want you to see.

 Here’s how DCI helped one client:

Medical Device Manufacturer in Dallas Cuts LTL Freight Expense 40%

A maker of medical supplies was spending over $100,000 on ocean freight and inbound LTL freight. They wanted a savings on rates and they wanted to continue using Expeditors International as their ocean freight forwarder and Fed Ex Freight and UPS Freight as their LTL carriers.   Eight weeks after engaging DCI, their LTL rates dropped by 40% with no change to their freight delivery process.


$100,000 landlord refund for a regional retailer

In the course of auditing the real estate fees charged by its various landlords, DCI noticed that one landlord had divided the TI payments into installments, perhaps suspecting that after a few months the client’s focus on real estate would move on to other matters and the lack of any formal follow up system would leave the matter unattended. Six years later DCI approached the landlord with a claim for the tenant’s money which the landlord remitted in full with the words, “I was just waiting for someone to come and ask.”


Reduce Bank Fees by 75% or More.

Your bank charges you differently than your competitors and the difference might be costing you a competitive advantage.

 Here are results for two companies that requested a bank fee analysis:

Companies Realize 75% Savings in Bank Fees

Some banks have over 120 specific lines that can be included in a summary statement. Knowing which are accurate and which are less than competitive is time-consuming and requires deep industry knowledge and expertise. DCI was able to bring one company with a 2MM bank balance, a 75% reduction in fees that resulted in just under $32,000 savings per year. In another example, DCI’s comprehensive analysis brought a company with a $1.3MM balance a 100% reduction in fees which resulted in approximately $10,000 per year in savings, all without a change in banks or service levels.


Eligible to Compete for California Tax Credits?

California Job Creators Get Cal Competes Tax Credits

The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses that want to come to California or stay and grow in California. Most companies that are eligible are unaware this credit exists and those that are aware of it, generally do not understand that it is a competition so eligibility does not guarantee an award.

DCI Solutions has the expertise and proven strategies to position companies not only to qualify and win awards but to maximize the award amounts.

 Here are a few examples of how DCI has helped clients:

Companies Realize 75% Savings in Bank Fees

Envoy Group, an Orange County, California online marketing and advertising company hired DCI to identify and optimize multiple tax credit opportunities. DCI used their proven strategies to develop and submit an application on behalf of Envoy Group that resulted in a $450,000 credit for a pledge to invest $163,400 and hire 69 people. This was the second largest award for all Orange County recipients!

Grasp Technologies, an Ohio corporation undergoing expansion efforts in San Diego California received a $180,000 credit for a pledge to hire full-time employees and invest in tenant improvements, computer equipment, software and furniture and fixtures.

Inspec Testing, a non-destructive testing services company in San Diego was the recipient of a $110,000 Cal Competes credit following their engagement of DCI Solutions to optimize their tax credits and cost savings.


Find Errors in Commercial Property Assessments.

Direct Assessment Refunds go ignored by Property Owners all the time. DCI’s Direct Assessment Audit finds refunds from errors hidden in complex tax bills.

 Here’s how DCI helped one client:

Property Owner Gains $20,358.24 In Direct Assessment Refunds

Although many of his commercial properties were being assessed correctly, one property owner had three locations in Los Angeles County with incorrect assessments. The owner had little understanding of how to audit and appeal the errors which were hidden inside his property tax bills. During a comprehensive audit, DCI discovered refundable errors in his assessment that amounted to a refund of $20,358.24 directly back to his bottom line.

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DCI Saves Company $1.2 Million With Specialty Tax Exclusion

$1,200,000 tax refund for a public company. This company had overpaid sales tax on a variety of consumables in the course of a nationwide marketing campaign. Using a sales tax exclusion on “ad prep”, which was originally designed to benefit the motion picture industry, the client was able to recover overpaid sales tax before the statute of limitations eroded too much of the refund opportunity.


$85,000/yr waste disposal savings for a hospital

For many years the hospital had been getting billed spurious fees for non-existent hauling services that were added into the standard bill along with legitimate service fees.


DCI generates $1/4 Million for automotive company in Southern California

An automotive after-market company in Los Angeles engaged DCI to audit unclaimed R&D tax credits. The company had under 40 employees and was owned by a parent company in Asia that had been in matured market for years. Margins were being hammered and the client was looking for any opportunity to save money when they engaged DCI. In addition to analyzing freight, insurance, enterprise zone tax refunds and other savings, DCI performed an R&D study.

The result was a $250,000.00 of eliminated tax at both the Federal and State level.  The cash infusion put the company in a much stronger position and allowed them to continue when their competitors were folding.


$200,000 energy tax refund for a food processor

In certain states there is a sales tax exemption on electricity consumed by manufacturers provided certain criteria are met. A food manufacturer with locations in multiple states allowed DCI to conduct an engineering analysis and find the exact amount of tax to be eliminated permanently from their energy bills.

Developpement durable

23% reduction in energy cost for Resort Hotel

The largest resort in Arizona has multiple meters receiving power and not all of them were on a utility rate schedule that was best suited to the energy usage profile of the resort. DCI identified the opportunity and identified which meters were better served by the alternative rates in the utilities tariff library. The resort saved large amounts of money with no capital expense or retrofits necessary.


26% reduction in health care premiums for a CPA firm

The Client’s most significant overhead cost was the price of benefits and formerly used HSAs and their association’s special rate, CalCPA to cut its insurance rate prior to seeing DCI’s analysis that did not require participation in the association. In addition to a 26% reduction in premium the quality of benefits increased as well with one accountant stating, “This is so much better than what we had before.”

What Our Clients are Saying

We used DCI's help to cut the health care premiums for our senior management by 29%
D.B. Tax partner at CA. CPA firm
DCI showed us how to cut our Blue Cross premiums and improve benefits at the same time.
J.B. Owner of L.A. logistics company
My rates dropped 44% from $1,340/mo to $750/mo on my own health insurance so now I can recommend DCI to my clients!
D.H. Wealth Manager
With DCI's strategy, our partners get better rates than the partners at competing firms.
C.W. Managing Partner in San Diego
Our companies recommend the services of DCI Solutions to Presidents and CFOs of companies desiring to optimize their operating expenses, especially in the realm of insurance. ...
George Palermo - President of Flagship Cruises and Events
The experts at DCI were able to help us see opportunities for very significant savings in tax, LTL freight, ocean freight, import duties, and other cost categories. We also ap...
Tracy Pang - Test Rite Products Corp.
40% That’s how much we reduced our freight costs by using DCI Solutions. We recommend you use DCI if you want to see where hidden savings exists in your company.  They defi...
Sharmila Patel - CRETESEAL