Specialized Tax Credits and Refunds

Increase cash flow by minimizing tax burdens

Millions of tax refund dollars go unclaimed every year.
Are you eligible for some of these?
Many companies are not aware that they may qualify for one or more tax credits at the federal, state, or local level.  Surprisingly few companies take full advantage of the available credits to which they are entitled. If you use some tax credits  already, then you can further increase cash flow and minimize tax liability by employing of additional tax incentives and credits for your business.

With a myriad of programs designed to encourage businesses to do things like keep jobs here in North America, hire across certain demographics, continue or expand research and development activities, take technological risks in order to compete in the domestic and global marketplace, go green and more, there is no reason you should not participate in the funds that could go directly back to your company’s bottom line.

Why DCI?
There are many choices for professional firms that specialize in one or possible two of the specialty tax credits available, but there is no other firm that covers the breadth of credits and depth of monies recovered as DCI. For each specialized tax credit available we have one or more experts with a specialty in that particular incentive. For example, did you know that a software company whose software is downloaded from a server in the US by a company outside the US, or whose software is licensed for reproduction outside the US can qualify for a tax incentive?

Did you know that distributors of US made goods that are eventually consumed or used outside the US are also eligible for an export tax incentive?

Call us today for a confidential, no-cost consultation to learn about a few of the tax credits you may be eligible for!

Common Misperceptions


Our company is too small.

Companies of all sizes are eligible for many of DCI’s proprietary tax savings strategies. Whatever the size of your company, the benefit of having dollar-for- dollar credits go directly to your bottom line is going to be significant.


“We got them all.”

Given all your activities which are taxed directly and indirectly, you are likely eligible for more than one type of tax savings. We have never where wasn’t at least one type of tax savings still available!


We don’t think we qualify.

DCI has developed a strategy around the tax savings that are seldom detected or optimized by even the brightest tax departments and outside CPA firms. Tax regulations are continually changing at both the state and federal levels, so a credit you were not eligible for in the past may be one that you qualify for now.


We can do this ourselves.

Your internal tax team and CPA are typically focused on compliance with the myriad of government regulations and recovering refunds and optimizing credits usually takes a back seat to that. This is not a criticism of your team, it is just a fact that most financial executives and accounting professionals are focused on preparing accurate financial statements and making sure your taxes are filed properly and on time. If you are working on a particular credit however, we are happy to only help with those credits you are not planning to handle yourself and/or are just not aware of.


This is probably not a good use of our time.

DCI does all of the heavy lifting. We require a minimum amount of executive and staff time to develop a clear and accurate picture of your tax savings and develop a solution path for recovering those monies in the most time effective way. We will prepare all of the reports and document thoroughly your full share of available tax savings. There are no upfront costs so if we only get paid when you get tax savings.

What Our Clients are Saying

We used DCI's help to cut the health care premiums for our senior management by 29%
D.B. Tax partner at CA. CPA firm
DCI showed us how to cut our Blue Cross premiums and improve benefits at the same time.
J.B. Owner of L.A. logistics company
My rates dropped 44% from $1,340/mo to $750/mo on my own health insurance so now I can recommend DCI to my clients!
D.H. Wealth Manager
With DCI's strategy, our partners get better rates than the partners at competing firms.
C.W. Managing Partner in San Diego
Our companies recommend the services of DCI Solutions to Presidents and CFOs of companies desiring to optimize their operating expenses, especially in the realm of insurance. ...
George Palermo - President of Flagship Cruises and Events
The experts at DCI were able to help us see opportunities for very significant savings in tax, LTL freight, ocean freight, import duties, and other cost categories. We also ap...
Tracy Pang - Test Rite Products Corp.
40% That’s how much we reduced our freight costs by using DCI Solutions. We recommend you use DCI if you want to see where hidden savings exists in your company.  They defi...
Sharmila Patel - CRETESEAL