Generalist or Specialist? And why it matters….

Everyone knows more than you

        …about something.

It’s just as true that you know or can do something better than others. In business the ability to import and apply that extra knowledge or unique experience is what creates greater wealth and value.

If people really needed to know something, wouldn’t they just ask right away? Rarely. The majority of us are too busy focusing on the urgent needs to step back and ask, “what important things can I do now that will increase revenue and save money?”  This is where bringing outside thinking from those with the knowledge and experience in areas not part of the inside team can add value that may not be on your radar screen…  but where does the wise CEO begin?  With so many specialized areas, it’s a big job to know what specialists are needed and the best way to use them, so most smart executives go to who they’ve always gone to – outside legal counsel, their CPA, a business consultant…  beyond these tried-and-true specialists they really do not know where to look.

Attention Professional Specialists – Be the Tip of the Spear!

If you are providing professional services to your clients, imagine the additional value you could bring when your team addresses a range of specialized needs that can be quickly identified and met rather than just your area of expertise!

A wise advisor expands his network to include other trusted advisors who think and operate the same way so he can use all that ultimately create more wealth for his clients.  When you bring other top advisors and their intellectual capital to your clients in a way that is clean, efficient and highly beneficial, you become the “tip of the knowledge spear” that can drive off many of your client’s problems, most of which the client didn’t even know were problems until you showed the client.

They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Every CFO/Controller knows their costs. (it takes a few seconds to look those up) but almost no CFO/Controller truly understands his cost drivers.  These are the (often unseen/undefined) elements that make the invoice or tax bill what it is. Think about how valuable your trusted advice becomes when you can bring high value solutions to your clients by eliminating cost drivers that your clients were never even aware of. That’s your secret sauce!

The Secret Sauce

I joined a company in 2003 that was founded on this idea of bringing new solutions to companies that they were usually not even aware of. Originally two separate companies that were both started in 1999 – Los Angeles-based, “Digiconsult Inc.” which came out of a Big 4 firm with a focus on specialty tax credits and San Diego-based “Shelter Island Solutions” which was a “one-stop shop” for overhead cost savings. In 2001 they merged to form “DCI Solutions” to bring specialty tax and cost savings to growth-minded executives who wanted to see large reductions in tax and costs that could increase bottom line profit up to 10%. In many instances their solutions brought value companies were not aware of and in others it was in their approach that the secret sauce was found.

Coming from a utility background I joined DCI in 2003 when I saw the dramatic impact it could have for clients wise enough to take advantage of the opportunities being presented in utilities plus eight other cost centers.

Be Proactive & Create Synergy

You get the idea. When you bring your clients more value than just your individual area of specialty, your market value increases exponentially.

Okay, so how do professionals thoughtfully put together a team of experts with the type of skills and insights that their clients are not already deploying and who would cause the client to say after the value is added, “Thank you for introducing me to your people!”?

DCI is a team of credit and cost specialists that is deep and wide in knowledge but has just 2-3 client facing personnel in any given project (avoids “consultant overload”) Our goal is to over-deliver, not overload.

The Art of Over-delivering

DCI’s promise is that with some input from client staff, we can show our clients in our first meeting the yop five savings recommendations which can increase value by up to 10% and at least $1,000 x headcount.  The client’s “Top Five” are seldom on the client’s radar and usually blows some minds – in a good way, of course. If you partner with DCI, you can provide a team of specialists that can increase cash flow and corp value up to 10%.  To learn more, contact me at or give me a call at (888) 395-0809.




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