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“Only 20 percent of the Heineken’s campaign’s ‘ad impressions’—ads that appear on a computer or smartphone screen—were even seen by actual people.”

“Procter & Gamble Co. said that its move to cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend in the June quarter had little impact on its business, proving that those digital ads were largely ineffective.”

  • 100 billion online ads are purchased daily. This clutter blocks your message.
  • 50% of web traffic/clicks are non human bots. This wastes your money.

Why Cookies Don’t Work

Online marketing relies on cookies. Cookies are small data files put on your computer by the websites you browse. Cookies report your location, site visit history, keyboard behavior, etc. in order to predict what what targeted ads appear on the screen. They are invasive, cumbersome, inaccurate, and definitely not HIPAA compliant.

“We Use Google AdWords and Pay Per Click (PPC). That’s good, right?”

PPC is waning in effectiveness as traffic arbitrage and click farms proliferate. PPC is not the future. Conversions are your ultimate test of success. If your current monthly reports do not clearly identify your cost per conversion, it’s time for something better.

Attribution: The Holy Grail Solution

Every CEO should know that attribution is the Holy Grail of marketing. Attribution is the ability to directly correlate an ad to the intended response.  This is only possible with cookie-free, IP targeting. It gives you granular knowledge of who saw your ad and took action. Going from cookie-based marketing to cookie-free, IP Target Marketing is like going from shooting arrows into the air blindfolded, to aiming them at point blank range to specific targets.

Example. Best Buy posts cookie-free, IP targeted ads for refrigerators.

Best Buy can tell 1) who clicked to their site from the original ad, 2) exactly who saw the ad but went to the Best Buy site without ever clicking, and 3) exactly who made an in-store purchase, paying with a credit card, specifically after seeing the ad even if they never clicked or went to the Best Buy site.

                              IP Target Marketing  Improves Conversions Up To 900%

Below are the comparative results of a college, a healthcare company, a retail jeweler, and a bank who used traditional cookie-driven Google AdWords campaigns vs. cookie-free IP targeting campaigns.


Imagine you could take a digital map of Los Angeles and draw a circle around the L.A. Coliseum. You could “Geo-frame” that stadium and no other locations for a particular Saturday, and retrieve all the smartphone and tablet IP addresses at the stadium, correlate those IP addresses to home and business addresses, and have post cards sent to the attendant’s physical SFR/office mailing address by Friday. The ads might say, “Buy USC Trojan Football memorabilia” If the IP address is something like then the physical address that receives the Friday mailer would be 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. A follow up message on Friday could arrive to the recipient the same day as the mailer.

(NOTE: Because the mailing system is HIPAA compliant, you, the marketer, can never see or know the identity of the IP Address owner.)

Perfect Solution:

  • Pinpoints ads to individual computers, tablets, and phones. Residential and office.
  • Eliminates waste.  Only humans see the ad.
  • Promotes privacy. Eliminates cookie-based marketing.
  • Measures digital impressions and engagement precisely.
  • Saves money. Do A/B split testing cost effectively.
  • Increases revenue significantly!

Five Minutes to Stop Millions in Wasted Marketing.

Dear CEO,

Let’s talk about how to make your marketing dollars go farther using cookie-free, IP Targeted Marketing.  We can also talk about your other great opportunities for cost savings and additional tax credits using DCI’s expertise. CEOs who want to further accelerate their profitability use DCI’s Cost Efficiency dashboard to can increase profit and market value up to 10%. Contact DCI Solutions at (888) 395-0809 or



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